Have you noticed the trend for modern calligraphy and hand lettering?

Have you wanted to learn calligraphy but not been sure of where to start?

Imagine being able to write beautifully. Imagine having the confidence to create personalised works of art. Imagine sharing your talent with your family, friends and the universe! Imagine having your own calligraphy business. I believe anyone can learn the art of modern calligraphy and I am here to show you how. Let's Learn Modern Calligraphy will give you the tools and the confidence to create lettering you can be proud of. It will help you rediscover your creativity with some fun, creative projects. It will give you joy for all your years to come!  

"When I picked up my first calligraphy­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ pen I didn’t quite realize the joy it would bring me, the brands I would work with and the opportunities that would come my way".

Judy Broad

Start your most relaxing, creative & potentially lucrative art adventure right here!

Let's make you a calligrapher too!

Learning any new skill can be a challenge and success doesn't always come immediately but with the right tools, the right tuition and a willingness to practice, your efforts will be undoubtedly be rewarded. What's more I am going to be with you each step of the way, guiding and cheering you on to succeed. Who knows where your calligraphy journey may take you. Are you excited to get started?

The Secret to Success

The learning process that has worked best for me and my students

All my knowledge working professionally as a calligrapher and all my experience teaching hundreds of students just like you is incorporated into this online course. Remember I was once a beginner just like you. The secret to success is following my tried and tested step by step approach.
Judy Broad

"Judy is a wonderful teacher. I cannot recommend her highly enough to teach, encourage and inspire an interest in this gracious and addictive art

Michelle, Surrey

How I make it easy

I walk you through step by step the learning process that I have found has worked best for myself and my students.

This online course has been careful structured to give you the very best chance of success. It is jam packed full with all the information you could possibly need and I will be guiding you every step of the way. 

From presentations to videos, from workbooks to assignments and projects you will have access to the very best resources. My learning materials have been carefully curated with clear and comprehensive instructions to make the learning process quicker.  

I ensure that you build a strong foundation of knowledge, starting with the best tools for the job. As you work through the course I pass on all my top tips to help you flourish on your very own calligraphy journey. 

Self Paced with Video Instructions

Pause & Practice as much as you need

You have unlimited access to this course for as long as you need to practice. Starting materials are available from my shop and are clearly explained in the first module. If you have your own materials you can use those too.

"I have been interested in modern calligraphy for a while but Judy's style has stood out from the rest. It is what I aspire to be like! I am impressed with the presentation of this course. The filming has been professionally done and the quality is outstanding."


Discover your creativity

Creative projects you will be proud of

My aim is to inspire you as well as to teach you. This course is different from other courses. It's not just about learning the letters. It's about being inspired, falling in love with calligraphy and experiencing the joy of creating something beautiful.

Gifts, Letters & Personal Gestures

The projects we create here will be treasured by your recipients.
Each chapter includes instructions, practice sheets, and a creative project to inspire you and show off your growing repetoire.

  • Wrapping Paper - that you don't want to rip!

  • Envelope Liners - for that element of surprise!

  • Special Announcements - for the special people in your life!

  • Monogram Cards & Envelopes - to make your correspondence stand out!

Let's Learn Modern Calligraphy

And start you very own calligraphy journey

The power of the pen

Meditative & Mindful

As well as learning to write beautifully this art form can give you so much more. When you pick up your pen and focus on forming the strokes and letters you will find yourself relaxing. You stay in the present and any stresses of the day seem to disappear. It is meditative and mindful, relaxing and therapeutic, just generally good for your soul!

Come and learn with me!

Judy Broad, calligrapher and author of 'Creative Calligraphy'.

Calligraphy is my absolute passion and I love nothing more than sharing my knowledge and love for calligraphy with others. So, what are you waiting for? Come and learn calligraphy with me. I know you are going to love it!

what people are saying...

5 star rating

Just what I was looking for

Hannah Perry

I had been learning calligraphy for over a year from books, and I had never really been happy with what I was creating, but also never understanding how to create what I wanted and why I couldn't. I discovered Judy's website whilst shopping for ca...

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I had been learning calligraphy for over a year from books, and I had never really been happy with what I was creating, but also never understanding how to create what I wanted and why I couldn't. I discovered Judy's website whilst shopping for calligraphy supplies, and instantly loved her writing, it had the elegance I was looking for. I purchased the course as the flexibility of watching the videos in my own time really appealed to me. I am really enjoying the course, Judy is very easy to understand, the course is full of tips to create elegant lettering in Judy's style and the colour scheme and aesthetics of the course are very calming and luxurious which just adds to the whole experience. Judy has done a good job of making you feel like you're at a class whilst being in the comfort of your own home.

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Your Path to Calligraphy Success & Enjoyment

  • 1


    • Hello And Welcome

    • Getting The Most From This Course

  • 2

    The Calligraphy Tools

    • Your Essential Calligraphy Tools

    • Getting To Know Your Tools

  • 3

    Preparing to Write

    • Welcome To Chapter One

    • Preparing To Write

    • Let's Get You Ready To Start

    • How To Form The Basic Strokes

    • Let's Practice Basic Strokes

    • Trouble Shooting

    • Calligraphy Drills - Practice Sheets

    • Time For Your First Project!

    • Project One - Wrapping paper

  • 4

    Forming the Letters

    • Welcome To Chapter Two

    • Top Tips For Lovely LetterForms

    • All The Lower Case Letters

    • Let's Practice - Lowercase Letters

    • All The Upper Case Letters

    • Let's Practice - Uppercase Letters

    • Assignment - Alphabet Exemplars

    • Time For Your Second Project!

    • Project Two - Monogrammed Stationery

  • 5

    Letters to Words

    • Welcome to Chapter Three

    • How To Move From Letters To Words

    • Let's Show You How To Connect Your Letters!

    • Let's Practice! - Letters to Words

    • Style And Flourishing

    • Develop Your Style & Flourishing Tips

    • Time For Your Third Project!

    • Project Three - The Art Of The Envelope

  • 6

    Ideas & Occasions

    • The World Is Your Oyster!

    • Creative Ideas For Your Lettering

    • Final Assignment - A Chance For Some Feedback!

    • Before You Go...

  • 7

    Extra Resources & Exemplars

    • Resource: Tips For Lefties!

    • Resource : Blank Gridline Sheet

    • Resource: My Alphabet Exemplars

    • Resource: Numbers and Symbols

    • Resource: Celebrations & Salutations Exemplars

So Much Value!

Let's Learn Modern Calligraphy represents exceptional value
for the investment.

With step by step content over 14 videos together with over 100 pages of worksheets and resources it includes more than I can cover at my in-person workshops.

With personal feedback from me, lifetime access and creative projects what are you waiting for? Come and join me and see where learning calligraphy takes you!

If you have been to one of my in person workshops, this would be a perfect refresher. You will have access to new learning resources PLUS you will get all the project details.

Your investment

You can start when it suits you, work at your own pace and revisit any part of the course at any time.

Let's create something beautiful!

And turn this into your favourite artform

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course for you?

  • What is the difference between taking this online course and attending one of your in person workshops?

    I would say the major difference is the depth of learning. You have access to a far greater quantity and variety of learning resources. You can stop and start when you feel like it and take time to practice and perfect one topic before you move to the next. Whilst I will always love teaching my in person workshops I am able to pass on so much more in this online course.

  • When does the course start?

    Once you have enrolled you can choose when you want to start! The course is self paced so once you have started you can fit it around your schedule. Don't forget you also have life access so you can revisit any part of the course at any time.

  • How long will it take me to complete the course?

    It will vary from person to person and depend on a few different variables, for example how much you practice! I would suggest you allow yourself a minimum of three to four weeks to complete the course. There is plenty of content in the course and my advice is not to rush the learning process.

  • I am left handed, will I still be able to learn calligraphy?

    Absolutely! I have successfully taught lots of left handers and there are some very talented left handed calligraphers. The course includes a resource specifically for you.

  • I have taken a calligraphy workshop before, will I still benefit from taking your online course?

    Absolutely! Let's Learn Modern Calligraphy is not just aimed at beginners. It will undoubtedly help someone who has dabbled in calligraphy to hone their skills, consolidate their knowledge and develop their style.

  • Do you have a guarantee?

    By doing all the exercises in this course, we are sure you will gain a beautiful skill and turn out amazing projects, but I am afraid because of the digital nature of the course I am unable to offer refunds. However if you have any questions about the course you are welcome to email me before signing up.